Sheorcust Dingirsu (Ultra Rare)

Ultra Rare

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2 [[Level]] 8 [[Monster Card|monsters]]
You can only [[Special Summon]] "Sheorcust Dingirsu(s)" [[once per turn]]. You can also [[Xyz Summon]] this card by using an "[[Orcust]]" [[Link Monster]] you [[control]] as [[material]]. If this card is Special Summoned: You can [[activate]] 1 of these [[Card effect|effects]].
● [[Send]] 1 card your opponent controls to the [[GY]].
● [[Attach]] 1 of your [[banish]]ed [[Machine]] monsters to this card as material.
If a card(s) you control would be [[destroyed by battle]] or card effect, you can [[detach]] 1 material from this card instead.

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