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Legacy of the Duelist promo cards 05/21/2019

It’s been a minute since we had video game promos. Exclusive to the physical retail version, Duelists will unpack three brand-new Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) cards. You will find the Link Monster, Progleo, along with the Cyberse Monster Micro Coder and the Spell Card Cynet Codec! At the m...

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[DP22] Captain Gold’s counterpart 05/21/2019

Not sure if it’s an asteroid or a comet, but crashing it is part of our master plan. Evil HERO Aduster Gold LIGHT/Fiend Level 4 2100/800 You can only use the (1) effect of this card’s name once per turn. (1) You can discard this card; Add 1 “Dark Fusion”, or 1 card that specifically lists “Dark Fu...

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The Son of the Revenge of Monster Art Box 05/21/2019

Apparently there’s a fairly non-convoluted way of buying the danged thing. Someone has taken photographs of a “Making of” booklet of the Monster Art Box that was in V Jump: The cover An example of the 3rd Book’s reference art for the cards Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, covering every card from Volume 1 to the...

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[DP22] The 5D’s Duelist Confirmed 05/21/2019

The official website confirms what the 5D’s segment’s cards will be based around. It appears that the 5D’s Duelist for Legend Duelist 5 is “Rex Godwin”, a.k.a. “Rex Goodwin” in the dub. It hasn’t been confirmed if it will be lean into his Earthbound Strategy or more consistently incorporate Inti ...

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OCG Japan Decklists (05/20/2019) 05/21/2019

Apparently Decklists are also sold out and we only have one for this week. 2nd Beat Cup 2019, 05/19/2019, 13 Players ================================= Toggle All Spoilers =================================... Source

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